5 Things to know before buying a Split AC

5 Things to know before buying a Split AC

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With the scorching summers that most geographic regions of India experience, it becomes necessary for all houses to have some sort of cooling procedure. Split AC is the new bestseller in the Indian summer markets. If you have decided to purchase a split AC for next summer, there are certain things you should be aware of before you make that big investment on a split AC.

  1. Tonnage:

Tonnage is a measure of the cooling capacity of a cooling device. Refrigerators as well have ACs are specified by their tonnage. The capacity of the AC required primarily depends on the size of the room in which it is to be fit. For a room upto 125 square feet in size, a 0.75 tonnage split AC would do a decent job while for a bigger room of size 241 – 400 square feet, a 2 tonnage AC is required. Tonnage charts for different room sizes are provided by dealers and shops which specialize in air conditioners. AC tonnage doesn’t come with any value you desire; there are only specific standard load capacities out of which you need to choose the best fit for your room. Make a wise decision after consulting multiple experts in the domain of air conditioning.

  1. Aluminum or Copper:

When looking at ACs in an electronics store, salesmen will often badger you about the importance of aluminum or copper ACs. As confusing as it might get, you should be well prepared beforehand as to what is the requirement of the air conditioner that you would prefer for your home.

Aluminum or Copper refers to the base metal of the condensing coil present inside the cooling unit of the AC. It is usually preferable and recommended to buy ACs with copper coils as condensing coils. Aluminum coils usually cost less, but it becomes irreparable if it starts to leak. Copper is more sturdy and durable. It is also easy to maintain and has better heat conductivity properties than aluminum.

  1. Brand:

When it comes to purchasing electronic commodities, the brand name and reliability is of great importance. It is always a wise decision to go for brands which are exclusively involved in the manufacturing of ACs. For obvious reasons, these air conditioner specific brands have an upper-hand over brands which manufacture and sell adverse range of products.

If you are convinced that you want to put your faith on a brand that makes and delivers and deals only in air conditioners, Voltas will perhaps be the best choice in terms of service and reliability. This is a world renowned brand with large industries and organizations depending wholly on their air conditioning business.

  1. Star Rating:

Star ratings are incorporated in high power drawing appliances to make people aware of the amount of energy their commodities are consuming. Appliances with higher star ratings save more energy.

Over the years, with increasing awareness about global climate change and global warming, services and technologies have so developed so as to decrease the power consumption of electronic gadgets. Although the cost increases with the stars, it is a good deed indeed to buy a split AC that will save energy.

  1. Comparing and Deciding the Brand:

Lastly, don’t be reckless about your choice of the brand and model of the AC. With excellent online resources available, you have ample scope to research about which brand and model would suit your home the best. Also, talk to salesmen in Air Conditioner stores to get a better idea about which brands deliver the best products.

So, before investing in a split AC, make your decision wisely so that you can make the most out of your AC.

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