Creating Your Stairs

Creating Your Stairs

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It is the most prominent part of your house. All members of your family will be using it many times a day. The way you build it may make or break your entire interior decorations. If place in the middle of the house, it can be considered its heart also. The stairs is very important part and parcel of your house. It is but proper that you give a considerable time in designing it so that it will highlight the beauty and elegance of your abode. Here are some tips you could use in designing it:

There are literally dozens of magazines dedicated for home improvements or home designs. You may collect different designs from these magazines. They feature different and varied designs on stairs and you may pick one that is just right for your home. You may of course improve on some details to fit it perfectly to your house. This is the easy task in choosing a design. It is the same as just ordering a pre made stairs and all you have to do is install with all the easy to follow procedure on how to do it. But if you want to really own the design then you have to really design it yourself.

The designs you culled from the magazines as well as from the internet could serve as a basis for designing your own staircase. You can either copy all the attributes of the parts that you like, or you can design one from scratch. Designing your stairs will bring out the creativity juices from you, and will even excite you a bit. It is a feat you can do if you put your mind into. Just remember that there are a lot of resources to turn to in case you really go for DIY stair building.

After you’ve got the design and your installation plan all mapped out, never forget the legalities of building staircases. The national and local building code provides important notes to consider. Your design must pass the requirements set by the national and local building code before you can actually build your stairs. Consider in your design the materials and wood you will use. Will it be varnished or painted? Would you place a carpet on it? Feng shui would also help you in the orientation of your design. The Chinese believe that the direction and accessories of your staircase will determine your family’s wealth and fortune. That is, if you’re the superstitious kind.

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