Kitchen Stone Counter tops: Which Fits Your Life-style?

Kitchen Stone Counter tops: Which Fits Your Life-style?

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Counter tops bear the brunt of kitchen work and also the more they are in a position to endure scratches and moisture, the less frequently you will need to make repairs and substitutes. Gemstone is a superb choice but is not cheap while stainless is rust-proof and contemporary but dents easily. Similarly, you will find many other materials that provide much when it comes to superior characteristics while missing in other people. Here is a quick introduction to counter top materials and just what they provide.


Laminated flooring are cheap but do not have to look it. Quality models can provide elegance within tight budget and much more when it comes to potential to deal with many harmful effects. Stains, warmth and impact haven’t much effect on these affordable materials while installation is simple and thus is maintenance. You might also need many designs and colours available, something not necessarily provided with many other materials.

Exactly what does pose a little of the issue is water seepage with the seams. Laminated flooring possess a dark core along with a patterned and colored layer on top therefore if water seeps in, the 2 may come apart and appear unsightly.


Granite is ideal for heavy counter top use as it is incredibly hard and hard to break. You then have a selection of colors and designs, natural, which attracts many customers. Warmth, splilling and knife cuts are suffered well.

Despite these key points, granite does nick and filling needs to be carried out by an expert. Stains also make their presence known so regular sealing is essential.


Concrete is excellent because it may be personalized to fit your specifications. While it features a status to be too plain and dull, it may be textured. If left out of the box, you may also derive an attractive patina that is unique.

The down-side of concrete is disappointing. It scratches and chips easily and it is vulnerable to developing hairline cracks. Sealants get the job done of safeguarding it against warmth and stains there is however a twist: penetrating sealers guard against warmth damage although not stains and topical sealers safeguard against stains although not warmth.

Quarta movement

Quarta movement is appropriate for heavy counter top use and like granite, it may endure splilling, warmth and knife cuts. It is going any by having the ability to resist stains and water transmission.

Regrettably, quarta movement includes a inclination to nick and crack which is not this type of large problem but you are playing uneven surfaces. To increase the problem, merely a professional can repair the harm. You skill to reduce the results is to possess a fabricator across the edges as sharp corners tend to be more easily broken.


Stainless is within and many modern kitchen areas prefer it within the relaxation. It’s not hard to clean, does not rust, burn and stain easily. Additionally, it looks great inside a kitchen with clean metal accents.

Such as the relaxation from the counter top options, stainless has issues plus they could sway your decision in support of another thing. It is not dense meaning it dents easily and scratches appear clearly. It is also a magnet for fingerprints meaning regular wiping should be completed to ensure that it stays searching clean. Strong chemicals may also discolor the conclusion and ruin its appearance.


Porcelain tile is a very common option for kitchen counter tops. Cheap, simple to install and quite durable, it’s good warmth resistance and deters stains from developing. Additionally, it complements many other materials well.

What ceramic does lack is really a potential to deal with cracks and chips? Grout stains will also be common meaning regular cleaning should be completed to conserve a pristine appearance.

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