Why Are Composite Decks So Popular?

Why Are Composite Decks So Popular?

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Forty years ago, treated lumber deck boards were introduced in the housing market. They proved to be an instant hit and were available in a multitude of different shades and patterns. Treated lumber held up pretty well in various weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for use in building outdoor decks. However, they require a lot of work. After every few months, you will need to clean them, strip them, sand them properly and then seal them again. Maintaining these decks is not easy at all. They will lose their appeal very quickly if you don’t get them treated on a regular basis.

Composite decks now provide an even better solution. Composite decking has become tremendously popular amongst homeowners in the past few years, as it offers plenty of advantages over conventional, treated wood alternatives. Over the years, the deck designs have evolved significantly as well. The modern deck has now become a hub for outdoor entertainment. Composite decks are sold by a variety of different companies throughout the country. Here are just some of the many reasons why they are the preferred choice for homeowners.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps the obvious reason people prefer buying composite decks over conventional wood options is because they require little to no maintenance. Unlike treated wood, which needs to be stripped, cleaned and sealed after every few months, composite decks don’t require any work. In fact, these decks were originally developed to address some of the issues that people had with standard wooden decks.

Composite decks don’t need to be stained on a regular basis. You don’t even need to apply a sealant on the deck after every year. While these decks are susceptible to mould and staining, a simple household cleaner is all that’s needed to clean them. You don’t need to power wash the decks after every few months either!

Long Lasting

Another reason composite decks have risen in popularity in the past few years is because they last significantly longer than conventional wooden decks. These decks are made from a compressed form of wood, vinyl and several other recyclable materials. Due to the combination of plastic and wood, these decks are resilient against the harmful UV rays of the sun and the damage caused by wind and rain. When compared with wooden decks, composite decks are much stronger and last several years longer.


If you want the traditional wooden look in your deck without all the hassle that accompanies wooden surfaces, opting for a composite deck is a great idea. These decks are available in numerous different finishes and styles. You can easily browse a company’s selection online and choose the deck that appeals to you the most. A good-looking composite deck will significantly enhance the value of your house if you decide to sell it. Not only are these decks easy to maintain and stronger than conventional wooden decks, but they are also a much better investment in your property and will pay dividends in case you decide to sell the house in the future.

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